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PerTOOLS Financial Analysis for Excel
 PerTOOLS Financial Analysis for Excel is an extremely valuable tool for Excel that allows anyone to easily analyse time-series data automatically, with flexibility, speed and full user control.

You can choose from a range of over 50 functions (which includes an infinite number of implementations) each of which runs very quickly and can be called from a cell formula in exactly the same way you might use an Excel formula like
=SUM() or =AVERAGE()

All functions refresh automatically when data is added, deleted or changed and you can easily use thousands of these functions in a single spreadsheet without experiencing speed issues. All appropriate functions are supplied in both geometric and arithmetic versions so you can choose how to compound returns. A comprehensive manual is also provided which contains full explanations of all functions together with all necessary mathematical formulae and examples. An example spreadsheet is also provided which shows examples of all functions being used in practice. Full VBA integration is included.

The functions have been written so that the user only needs to remember a minimum about how to use them. For example, the function =PT_CumRet_A() that computes an Arithmetically-Compounded Return can produce many different kinds of output depending upon the function inputs. It can produce:


  • An output expressed at any frequency. For example, if the input returns are daily, the
    computed arithmetically-compounded return can be daily, weekly, monthly, annual or any
    other user-chosen frequency. This functionality is called UpScaling

  • An output for the whole period. In this case, this would be an
    arithmetically-compounded return expressed over the whole period of the input data

The advantage is that the user doesnít need to remember many different function names; he just needs to remember one. In this way, fewer functions can have many implementations. All of the functions, manual and example spreadsheet are included for one price.

The new UpScaling functionality allows the user to compute any of the PerTOOLS statistics over any period. For example, suppose the user wanted to compute a Sharpe Ratio. No matter what the frequency of the input data is (daily weekly, monthly etc.), the user can compute a daily, weekly, monthly or annual Sharpe Ratio

Available functions include:

There are literally hundreds of uses for this product which include:

  • Create custom statistics in Excel that update each month when new data is added

  • Monitor peer-group performance

  • Create custom functions of your own, easily

  • Create custom reports branded with the company logo

  • Create statistics for presentations. These statistics will update automatically each month when new data is added

  • Integrate different data sources such as Reuters and Bloomberg and create your own custom analytics based on this data

  • Analyse data from a database such as Pertrac and have the flexibility to compute statistics based on this data, easily and quickly by using Excel and the PerTOOLS functions

  • Speed up VBA development times by using these functions within VBA

Full instructions are provided in a detailed user-guide.
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All add-ins come with a free example spreadsheet as shown
in the screenshot to the right.

PerTOOLS Custom 1-Page Report

Now you can easily create a custom 1-page report for any data series. You paste your time-series data into the report and the report automatically computes all the statistics to produce a professional, company-branded report that can easily be turned into a PDF document or printed out

PerTOOLS supplies a free 1-page report when you purchase PerTOOLS Financial Analysis for Excel

Benefits of the 1-page report include:

  • All statistics recalculated instantly
  • Charts instantly update
  • Works for daily, weekly and monthly input data
  • Easy to update as new data becomes available
  • Can be branded with company logo
  • Can easily be made to match with company colours
  • Report is easy to customize
  • Change the layout and change the statistics if you want
  • Space for company disclaimer
  • Report is sized to automatically fit on a sheet of paper

For a screenshot of the 1-page report provided free for users of PerTOOLS Financial Analysis for Excel, click the thumbnail below

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The free 1-page report is 100% customizable and has no expiry-date


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